Footage Shows Young Man Beating Up His Grandmother After She Flings Object at Him – Watch Video

January 25, 2024

Reported footage of a young man and his grandmother showed the moment their altercation turned physical. The woman reportedly discovered the young man and his friends smoking marijuana in her house.

This seemingly prompted a verbal altercation, and in the video, the woman shouts at him to get out of her house. After telling him to leave a second time, the woman threw an object at the young man, who appears to have been a teen.


The teen proceeded to drag his grandmother from her chair and onto the ground, seemingly hitting her head in the process.

Many viewers of the video noted that younger generations no longer have the same respect as they did when they were children.

Watch the video: CLICK HERE

“These 2000’s babies not scared of their grandmas how we use to be! I’m against elders living alone with teenagers! Another adult should be there clearly he need his ass BEAT!!!” one viewer wrote.

Watch the video: CLICK HERE


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