Footage of Stripped Woman Acting Out at Sangster International Airport – Watch Video

Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 4:01 AM

This footage of a United States national is making rounds online, it has also made several news outlets’ publications. The footage shows a woman who had stripped her clothes off at the Sangster International Airport on Tuesday.

As per reports, the estranged female is a 39-year-old dentist from Las Vegas, Nevada and she along with a friend was about to board a flight when all hell broke loose.


Watch the now Viral Video: Click Here

As shown in the video, travellers watched in shock, some even videoed the incident as the female was being detained by the police. After much back and forth with lawmen, the foreigner was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

It’s unclear what triggered her apparent mental breakdown.

Watch the now Viral Video: Click Here

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