Young Thug Shows Up in Court After Gunna’s Discharge on an Alford Plea – Watch Video

Friday, December 16, 2022, 7:05 AM

Atlanta rapper Young Thug is back in court for the RICO case against him following the release of Gunna, who entered a plea deal for his release from jail.

The rap star is known for multiple platinum-selling hits such as “Digits” and “Go Crazy” featuring Chris Brown, which are known worldwide. He has worked with many prominent figures from the rap community, and throughout his more than ten-year career, he has transformed the rap genre and amassed a large number of followers.


After being detained on Monday, May 9th, Thug was charged on seven counts during what was allegedly a police search of his seven-bedroom mansion in Buckhead, Atlanta.

The accusations include three counts of being a person involved with or connected to a criminal organization to execute or engage in gang activity through the act of committing a crime, the acquisition of drugs with the purpose of distributing them, and possessing firearms.

Yesterday, in court, the judge weighed whether to dismiss or admit certain evidence that the defence called inadmissible because it was alleged that the police did not obtain a valid search or arrest warrant. The prosecution stated that the evidence should be admitted because of Thug’s prior arrest in 2017 on marijuana charges.

A brief moment caught in court showed defence attorney Brian Steel pleading on Thug’s behalf via YouTube.

“The judge found that the entry was unlawful; we don’t get to do it again, and Mr. Williams then tried for a year to get the property back; and what did the police do? They tell him that it’s the evidence we’re not giving it to you,” he stated.

Young Thug and Gunna are two of the 28 defendants charged in this RICO case. The trial is expected to start in January 2023 and could take over a year to complete.

Watch highlights from the proceedings below.

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