“Yuh Cah Lockup Dancehall Inna Prison,” Beenie Man Explains Why He Is Still King of Dancehall – Watch Interview

There has always been a debate regarding which male dancehall artiste should be crowned king of the genre. Beenie Man was cited as the King of Dancehall during his era, but with Vybz Kartel’s rise to fame, many believed the crown belongs to him.

Vybz Kartel, also known as Teacha, is still seen as an iconic and hugely influential deejay today, despite being in prison for years. Hence the longstanding debate that he is the King of Dancehall, a title that is also present on his Instagram page.


However, Beenie Man feels that there is more to being a king than producing music, which Kartel does from inside his jail cell. During an interview on Let’s Be Honest podcast, the 50-year-old artiste addressed the rumours of him being dethroned to Vybz Kartel.

Beenie Man first asked, “Which part Teacha deh?” adding, “King of the Dancehall mean yuh affi deh out inna eh world.” He elaborated by saying that being king meant preserving the music by touring the world, which was what he was doing. 

Beenie Man and Kartel reportedly had an issue in the past, and there have been instances over the years when it seemed the two were taking jabs at each other, whether through music or social media posts.

Beenie Man apparently harbours no more bad feelings towards the deejay, who took shots at him on more than one occasion last year via Instagram. “Kartel a mi deejay, and mi love him to death….that will never change,” Beenie said, adding that one could not keep dancehall locked away behind bars, he outlined, “Yuh cah lockup dancehall inna prison”.

According to Beenie Man, he is the one who made Kartel who he is today, and he is the reason why Kartel entered the Billboard Charts with the song Breast Specialist, which has always been up for debate.

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While he praised Kartel’s work, he added that Kartel was not a better artiste than himself or Bounty Killer.

Watch the interview with Beenie Man below:



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