‘Zombie Land’ in Philadelphia as “Tranq” Epidemic Continues – Watch Video

In the United States, rising alarm is being caused by the continuous cases of what is labelled as the “Tranq” epidemic among Philadelphia citizens.

Video of the eerie scene has gone viral across the board of multiple social media platforms and people are concerned about the devastating situation.


The condition known as the Tranq epidemic arose from the steady outbreak in the use of the lethal animal tranquilizer called xylazine, or tranq for short. Xylazine has become an integrated part of the city’s drug supply and can be snorted, smoked, or injected.

Xylazine is a sedative and is often used illegally to amplify the effects of fentanyl, cocaine, and other drugs. This can lead to a break out of large wounds, infections, and even amputation of limbs.

The abuse of the drug has dubbed Philadelphia as Zombie Land because of the stench given off by the bodies of zombie-like addicts on the street from their rotting flesh and multiple wounds that refuse to heal.

A video of a street frequented by drug addicts was posted on Daily Loud’s Twitter page showing the dazed state of drug users who are slumped over, completely out of it, or unconcious. Many of these addicts are homeless.

Watch the video below:

After viewing the footage, a Twitter user stated, “People shouldn’t glorify the act of selling drugs, this is where all of it ends up. Not good,” while another wrote, “this is so sad… how do we solve this problem??”

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