109-Year-Old Uton Samuels is on His Way to Becoming Jamaica’s Next Super Centenarian

109-year-old Uton Samuels, who hails from Mount Cambell in the parish of Hannover is Jamaica’s oldest man and seems to have several more years ahead of him. Mr Samules can still ‘chop out’ his garden, walk around unassisted by humans and have good eyesight; the centenarian also says he had never worn glass all his long life.

Mr Samuels recently did some check-ups at the clinic and revealed the results by stating, “Doctor sound me and said to me seh Mr Samuels your body is healthy right through first blood test number one the second blood test number one healthy right through.”

Uton Samuels sits in an exclusive group of centenarians living in Jamaica who experience delays in ageing relating to diseases and mortality. According to scientists, the centurions have protective factors that aid them by fighting off and recovering from ailments as their immune system is still in tip-top shape.

Regarding his chopping skills, the 109-year-old bends low and displays his gardening crafts while on his interview on Miss Jamrock Youtube channel. Mr Samuels shares some of his secrets to long life by stating, “Well you wud haffi tek the best care a you body,” the elder also explains that you can’t follow what others ‘doing’ because everyone’s body is different.

The centenarian, the father of eight children, revealed some of his favourite food, including coconuts, mangoes, pears or avocados, and June plums, all of which are planted on his land. Regarding his grandchildren, the elder calls one of his sons to give the figure, which amounts to 12 grandchildren.

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“As far as I look at it and find out towards wah happen you come here by Jehovah power if Jehovah put you here to live certain time it that amount a time; you going to live some born before yuh and them dead before you,” Mr Samules explained when asked what has kept him living so long.

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