Old Man Taken by Lion After He Teased The Creature – Watch Video

A video of an old man getting attacked and dragged away by a lion is circulating the internet.

Footage shows the elderly man entering the huge cage where the fierce animal is kept and walking out into the open. At first, the lion was nowhere in sight and the man seemed to be looking at something on the ground, even nudging it with his foot.

Alerted to the approach of the creature, the man tried to make a hasty retreat but didn’t quite achieve his goal.

The lion caught up to him at the gate of the enclosure, and although people could be heard trying to scare the beast away, he was persistent. He dragged the man by his head back into the cage before dropping him on the ground.

A man and woman who seemed to be relatives of the elderly male could be heard screaming for help in the background.

The old man lay still for a moment before trying to get up. Noticing that his prey was still moving, the lion grabbed him again and pulled him into the bushes.

Watch the video below:


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