12-Year-Old Gives Birth and 52yo Rapist is in Prison

Alecia was only 11-years-old when she was raped by a 52-year-old cousin and another man. A Dna test has proven that the cousin is the father and he will be locked up for 15 years.

When the story was publicized in 2017, many Jamaicans were angry when the police refused to detain the man because he had lost a leg shortly after the report was made.


Last week Alecia gave birth to a baby girl and called her Tashay. The doctors did a caesarean section in order to remove the baby from her womb. The rapist was found guilty on Thursday and started serving his sentence.

Alecia is now learning skills as she no longer lives with her mother, she is attending classes at the centre for pregnant teens, and lives in a home. This was organized by the Child Development Agency (CDA).

It is possible that she will continue her education as she prepares to take care of her child.


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