13-Year-Old Boy Gives Details On Using “big-sized kitchen knife” To Kill His Mother – Watch Video

Thursday, January 4, 2024, 1:51 PM

An eighth-grade honour student who viciously killed his mother described the murder to a Hialeah police detective. As revealed in newly released police interrogation footage, Derek Rosa, 13, described using a large kitchen knife to fatally stab Irina Garcia, 39, while his newborn sister slept nearby.

“You killed her?” the interrogator can be heard asking the young boy in the video, dated Oct. 13, 2023. In response to the question about the gruesome act that he is accused of, Rosa nods in agreement that he took his mother’s life. According to the report, the victim was stabbed over 40 times and her throat slashed.


Rosa was then asked what type of knife he used to commit the brutal act. “It was a big-sized kitchen knife,” Rosa revealed, as he used his fingers to give an estimation of the size of the murder weapon. He also went on to reveal to the officer that the handle was purple.

As he continues, Rosa admits that his mother was asleep when he carried out the attack when questioned about the incident. In addition, he narrates how he attempted to commit suicide by retrieving a gun from the closet of his stepfather in an attempt to end his life.

Despite his intention to shoot himself, he was not able to complete the task. Having shared pictures of his mother’s corpse with an online friend, Rosa sent a goodbye message in the form of a selfie flashing a hand sign and smiling. While contemplating suicide, he ultimately called 911 to report what he had done.

Rosa pointed to his neck when asked about the location of the wounds he had inflicted, which prompted the audio to be muted until the question was answered.

Towards the end of the chilling footage, Rosa requests bathroom use. Upon his return, he is asked as to the reason why he killed his mom, but he seemingly refuses to answer that question and instead requests the presence of an attorney, which ends the interrogation as the detectives are not able to continue based on protocol.

See the video below:

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