17YO Kills Her 33YO Boyfriend’s Mother Because She Was Interfering in Their Relationship

A 17-year-old foster teen from Canton, USA (United States), is being tried in court as an adult after she killed her 33-year-old boyfriend’s mother. According to reports, the mother was intervening in the couple’s relationship which led to her death.

The teenager, Kaitlyn Coones, gave her boyfriend five hours to kill his mom, Nicole Jones (53), so that they could be together without interference.

It is believed that after Jonathon (the boyfriend) failed to produce any results within the five-hour time frame, the teen took things into her own hands, followed by the couple getting rid of the body in an apartment complex dumpster and taking off to Mexico.

The body was later taken to a landfill which police officials say makes it unlikely for the body to ever be found.

Nicole died by strangulation and bludgeoning from a rock that the teen used to bash her head in.

Before the incident, Jonathon was convicted for his improper relationship with Coones and was wearing an ankle GPS monitor which in turn was able to set a suitable timeline for the murder. Jonathon is also being charged for his participation in the murder of his mother, Nicole Jones.

Watch the video report below:

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