13-Year-Old Ran away from Home twice because She’s in Love

Friday, December 20, 2019, 2:58 PM GMT-5

Even though the mother of the missing teen attended a parenting class at The Family Court, her 13-year-old daughter went missing. She was not able to celebrate her accomplishment and she was overwhelmed. Two weeks before the graduation from the Family Court Parent class her daughter could not be found.

Nadine told THE STAR “I was so sad. My eyes were teary, and I wasn’t happy. I was thinking that I would find her back alive and I was also thinking that we would not find her back alive.” She said. Her daughter returned just 3 days after and said she left to go and live her life.

Parents, guardians and caregivers are assisted by the Kingston and St Andrew Family Court Parenting School, that was launched in November 2013, they learn how to empower themselves and their children. 

The mother has been disturbed by the words her daughter told her. She also told her that she is in love and she wants to have her boyfriend because she is big now, at age 13.

The mother said the situation is taking a toll on both her and the father. 

The girl begged her parents to trust her and promised that she would change, after the Child Development Agency got involved earlier.

On December 9th the mother handed the girl over to her father and she wanted to change, and she went to school, days later She left again and has not returned.

“This was on December 9, three days after my graduation. I handed her over to her father. She said she wanted another chance to change and we actually gave it to her. She was here from December 9 to the 12, going to school and coming home. December 13th, she went away again she just gone again.”

Her parents are now in despair, they have not heard from her or seen her in 5 days.
“As a mother, I still love her. Knowing that I’m a mother of six, and out of the six, she’s the only one I planned for, this is hard. Yet, she caused me so much tears, heartache and pain. Honestly, it is so hurtful,” the mother said.  

The mother explained how brilliant her daughter was and now she thinks she is flushing her opportunities and her potential down the drain. She knows her daughter wanted to be a doctor one day and she had given her great names that means victorious and love. 

The Mother says she still loves her daughter, and she is working with the state while she prays.

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