15yo SchoolBoy Stabbed To Death in Seaview

May 8, 2019

Jamaica News, Apparently returning from school, 15 year-old Cleon Morgan stopped at a shop in his home community of Seaview Gardens to buy something, when he was attacked and stabbed multiple times by several individuals. The police were alerted and Morgan rushed to the Hospital after which he was pronounced dead.

Cleon attended the Penwood High School in St Andrew and was in 9th grade, Students and educators expressed their shock on the matter, one of his teacher while in tears explained that “It was just hours before the incident that I sat down and spoke with him, and he was telling me about some of his plans for the future”.


Reports state that the fatal stabbing took place about 3:45 p.m. on Block C at the Yellow Sea Drive area on Monday May 6th.


The Ministry of Education has since sent officials to join the mourning school family for much-needed grief counseling.

Cleon’s 60-year-old mother, Margaret Morgan told the star that he was about to migrate overseas and she just was waiting for school to go on break, in tears she said “Mi a plan fi send him up fi di summer; him bredda seh him nah go mek him come back. A just school mi did a wait pon fi lock fi send him weh, cause him have him visa,” .

Margaret explains that she was in the bathroom when she got the news about her son’s death, Clean was stabbed all over the body including his eye she states.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Andrew Johnson told the Jamiaca Observer that “Persons are not willing to talk. Criminals live among them, they know them. They are fearful that when the police leave the community they will have to face the criminals,”.


It’s still unclear what was the motive for the killing, the police are investigating the matter.


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