(1995) Barrington Levy and Bounty Killer’s “Living Dangerously” Marks 28th Anniversary

It was in 1995 that two of Jamaica’s musical giants, Barrington Levy and Bounty Killer, would collaborate to construct Living Dangerously, a single that continues to entertain audiences 28 years after its release.

Bounty Killer’s gritty vocals, which were further accentuated by his “Rude Boy” persona in the ’90s, were perfectly paired with his songs that portrayed the harsh reality of poverty, violence, and survival on the streets of Jamaica. The craftily woven fusion of Bounty’s now trademark vocals made for an interesting match with Levy’s poignant resonance on Living Dangerously.


In Living Dangerously, the artistes delve into the dreaded Jamaican topic of receiving “Bun.” Throughout the song, Bounty and Levy share the woes of being cheated on as they find themselves on the receiving end of their partners’ lies and deception and provide her with a foreboding warning.

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“You’re living dangerously. Umman yuh living too dangerous for me. You’re living dangerously. Is it me or Barrington Levy? You’re living dangerously. Gyal yuh living too dangerous for me,” Levy and Bounty sing on the track’s chorus.

Watch the video below.

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