(1997) Lady Saw’s “Sycamore Tree” One of the Top 20 Best Dancehall Songs of All Time?

During her reign as the Queen of Dancehall in the 90s, Lady Saw dropped great hits, and one of her most popular tracks is Sycamore Tree. The infectious 1997 song is housed on her album Passion, which was released within the same year. The album peaked at No. 8 on the US Billboard Reggae Top Albums Chart, and the upbeat song is recognised as one of the top 20 best Dancehall songs of all time by Pitchfork on Apple Music.

In Sycamore Tree, Lady Saw condemns oral sex with a romantic partner and portrays a certain level of innocence as she explains that she attends church weekly. Nevertheless, she includes some lewd lyrics as she reveals what she can do in the bedroom.

The vocalist sings, “Remember it was under di Sycamore tree, a bwoy wah mi bow and mi tell him fi flee. A tell yuh it was under di Sycamore tree, di sun stop shining for me.”

Further in the track, she adds, “Mi love yuh, but mi still have mi pride. Mi a gal wi gi yuh all di wickedest ride but mi affi stay pan di righteous side. Mi nah mek nuh bwoy mek mi walk and hide.”

During Lady Saw’s glory days as Queen of Dancehall, she was the first black woman DJ to be certified as a platinum-selling artist and a Grammy winner. After converting to Christianity in late 2015 and starting a career as a minister and gospel singer, Lady Saw returned to her legal name, Marion Hall.

Listen to Lady Saw’s Sycamore Tree below:

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