2 Kidnappers Caught and Teenager Escapes

Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 1:34 PM GMT-5

Jamaica News, Two young men who were pretending to be operating a Taxi cab picked up a young girl after which she noticed that the driver was acting strangely, she started screaming, they threatened her with a knife, this happened along Mountain view, close to the National Stadium.

It is clear, that young people who want to earn the easy way, have been causing an increase in crime in Jamaica.
The teenager grabbed the steering wheel as she tried to put an end to her ordeal and the car crashed.


The people who were nearby saw her screaming after she jumped out of the car; and held on to one of the men. The police quickly found the other kidnapper and they were charged.

It is good that these two criminals were caught because a lot of girls have been killed after they were kidnapped recently. Girls and a few boys have been going missing and no one have found them.

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