2 Men arrested, Suspected to be safaree’s robbers… +Rumours of him and Spice Dating

[Sharingbuttons]Authorities chased two armed robbery suspects in connection with Safaree Samuels’ armed robbery; from New Jersey to New York. One of the suspects even wrecked his car and tried to get away on foot. However they were caught, the NYPD captured them 12 blocks away from each other.

The suspects Jonathan Ricketts and Shawn Harewood will need to prove themselves innocent or face their punishment. 
Two armed robbery suspects have been apprehended in connection of Safaree Samuels’ armed robbery. 


The Love and Hip Hop: New York cast member was shedding tears when he appeared on the Angie Martinez Show. During an interview he was telling the radio host that he was robbed at gun point that Monday.

“I just got robbed at gun point, to dudes ran up on me. Had me face down on the floor with a gun to my head. They took everything” Safaree said.

The Stung Gang Rapper also posted the terrible news on twitter. Said he had one of the most scariest nights of his life.

However he seems to be interested in Spice and there has been rumors that something is happening between them.

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