20 People Found Dead on Boat: All Believed to be Haitian Migrants

Twenty suspected Haitian migrants were discovered deceased in a boat in northern Brazil, according to police reports. The bodies, found in a state of advanced decomposition and exhibiting signs of dehydration and hunger, were located near the town of Braganca on Brazil’s northern coast in the state of Para.

Fishermen initially found the boat early on Saturday at a remote Atlantic Ocean beach between the towns of Braganca and Quatipuru, approximately 3,500 kilometers from Haiti.


The federal police chief for Braganca, Alexandre Calvinho, indicated that the victims were believed to be Haitian refugees, though further investigation is required to confirm their identities and the exact cause of death.

The boat, depicted in a video posted by news site G1 and shown with faded blue paint, was being towed to the village of Vila Tamatateua where emergency workers planned to remove the bodies. A fisherman in the video can be heard remarking on the grim find, noting the large number of deceased.

The federal prosecutors’ office has initiated both criminal and civil investigations into the incident, as the exact number of victims and further details are yet to be confirmed by forensics experts. The tragic event highlights the ongoing humanitarian and security crisis in Haiti.

Brazil has Latin America’s largest economy, the country has seen a significant influx of Haitian migrants in recent years, with an estimated 161,000 Haitians living in the country as of last year, according to the UN refugee agency.

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