20yo Jamaican Pilot Creates History – Video Report

Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 9:09 AM GMT-5

The 20-year-old who is said to be “advanced” in flying aircrafts, turns out to be the youngest Jamaican to fly a plane from the USA to Jamaica, he flew over 1000 miles on the trip, he was also the youngest Jamaican to fly that many miles. Georgio Hado in an interview, recalled “taxing” a plane from as young as age 12, to him, it was a “dream come true” and he followed his dream from then which lead him to his accomplishments now.

His parents were ecstatic with his father detailing the emotions that he went through while tracking his son throughout the flight. The flight was not without challenges, the plane went off the radar several times, something that caused his father’s heart to “dim” each time.


“I had faith and I had the hope… and the passion,” says Georgio Hado in the post-flight interview.

One person commented, “I am smiling from ear to ear, one more Jamaican who held his head high, proud of you son, nuff blessing, hoping to fly with you one day,” While another said, “This is incredible, awesome, i’m feeling so uplifting to see one more Jamaican excel to greatness, real proud of this young man also longevity with continued success.”

Watch the full report from TVJ and Georgio’s interview below.

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