4 of the Best Reggae and Dancehall Songs About Money and Gambling

Tuesday, December 18, 2018, 12:28 PM

Chilling out with some reggae beats is one of the best ways to end the day, and there’s so much good music to choose from. In fact, reggae has some of the most loyal listeners of any music genre and with good reason, we just love it so much! Something else we all love is money, and anyone who says otherwise just isn’t being truthful. Mixing the two together is a match made in heaven and, luckily, there are some amazing songs to choose from. Here are 4 of the best reggae and dancehall songs all about money and gambling to get you feeling great.

1. The Gambler – Busy Signal

The Gambler is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, but you never want to get it out. With a chilled beat and great lyrics, Busy Signal meets a Gambler on a train who imparts some wisdom upon him. He talks about having played in a lot of casinos with a lot of different people in life, where “every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser”.


Whether it’s card games like blackjack or even slot games with multiple paylines like Immortal Romance, it’s a great song to listen to while gambling. After all, “if you’re gonna play the game, boy, you gotta learn to play it right”.

2. Money Money Money – Demarco

Lots of songs celebrate love and happiness, but this one celebrates money in all its glory. Demarco has had a lot of success, and here he’s not shy about letting us know. In it, Demarco sings about living the high life with lots of money, money, money. He brags about having lots of “Hennessy’s in a bottle” and “100 piece round mi neck”.

It’s one of those songs you will carry on singing along to for hours after listening and no doubt come back to time and time again.

3. Money Pree – Nu Lymitz

In Money Pree, Nu Lymitz sings about how money is the ultimate motivator and everyone wants more and more of it. He talks about wanting so much of it that he has to use a trailer to carry it to the bank: “trailer wi use an a carry it guh a bank”. Everyone wants to be successful, and this track highlights that money is what motivates many of us to do better. He does warn of the dangers of money and to “Watch yuself inna di street”.

Money can definitely be considered the ultimate motivator, but filling a whole trailer with it isn’t easy. We don’t all have that money, though, but we can still sometimes enjoy a slice of the high life – this link explains Royal Vegas’ welcome package so you could walk away with the $2200 bonus without having to deposit big amounts up front.

4. Money in my Pocket – Dennis Brown

Money in my Pocket is a slightly sadder song, but it is a fantastic classic reggae hit. Here, Dennis Brown talks about how he has more than enough money in his pocket, but no woman to share it all with: “Money in my pocket but I just can’t get no love”.

His lyrics are deep as he talks about how money can’t buy real, meaningful love with someone. However, it’s still a great song that reminds us why we fell in love with reggae in the first place.

Reggae and dancehall music is a genre that has something for everyone. Artists sing from their hearts, and these are some of the best songs about money and gambling you’ll find. We’ll bet they become regular tracks on your playlist and you’ll keep coming back for more!

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