4 Steps to Guide You in Muscle Building

Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 6:19 AM GMT-5

Building muscle involves 3 main elements: training, resting, and dieting. Training is more often emphasized, almost at the expense of the other 2 elements. Food tends to be overlooked by many bodybuilders, more so the beginners. However, if proper nutrients are not consumed, the efforts in the training room will not yield many results. In addition to incorporating the 3 elements, bodybuilders can consume beneficial steroids, such as testosterone enantato, to boost muscle development.

To achieve maximum muscle development, you must consume enough calories to utilize during the normal body processes and to facilitate the building of muscles. The following are some tips on gaining muscles that will help you achieve your muscle development goals:

Spread your protein intake uniformly throughout the whole day
You must try to eat not less than a gram of protein per pound of body weight. Be aware of the distribution of your protein intake throughout the course of the whole day. To achieve optimal muscle growth, you must consume a minimum quantity of proteins after a few hours. Be attentive toward how much branched-chain amino acid leucine you eat. Leucine is one of the constituents of the protein that you consume and is useful for promoting muscle growth and repairing the cell. To achieve the most muscle growth, most people should consume a minimum of 2-3g of protein every meal. This is equivalent to 25-35g of high-quality protein in a few hours duration. As much as possible, make sure the 25-35g is from high-quality proteins that avail all 9 essential amino acids. Some reliable sources of protein that include all 9 essential amino acids and promote muscle growth include meat, dairy products, eggs, and soy.

Consume food after every few hours
To supply the nutrients you need, eat whole foods rather than depending on shakes and powders. Whole foods are better sources of energy and contain nutrients to help you power through all the workouts. Also, eating several small portions is better than a few large helpings. This will ensure a continuous supply of calories for building muscles.

Consume carbohydrate drinks as you work out
Working out consumes a lot of calories and depletes glycogen (or carb supplies). You may not be able to finish the workout with high intensity levels due to energy exhaustion, thus the need to fuel as you workout. Carbohydrate drinks serve as an effective fuel while working out, as they provide much needed energy; these drinks ensure that you still have some strength at the end of the workout as well as prevent muscle breakdown during the recovery process. Be aware as you prepare the carbohydrate drinks; if they are either too concentrated or diluted, the drink will be too difficult to digest quickly, thus leading to under-fueled workouts.

Consume a high-protein bedtime meal
If you go to bed without eating anything after dinner, it may mean going for about 12 hours with no fuel, thus being in the so-called catabolic state. This is a state in which your body breaks down more protein than it is making. This is counterproductive when it comes to building muscles. To decrease the length of time that your body is in a catabolic state, eat a bedtime meal that has a lot of protein. A body builder should take not approximately less than 40g of dietary protein before sleeping to stimulate muscle protein growth all night. Slow digesting casein protein powder can come in handy at night as well as some whey powder during the day.
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