450 Shows What Happens When His Girlfriend Stops Taking His Call After Getting His Money – Watch Video

Saturday, October 28, 2023, 5:59 PM

Dancehall artiste 450 left social media users in laughter after sharing an amusing video, showing what trouble in paradise looked like. The prominent deejay, legally named Tristen Escoffery, took to social media with a video depicting him seemingly going through a rough time with his girlfriend, who refused to communicate with him after he sent her money.



The comical video he shared on October 28 began with him approaching a door and angrily banging on it.

The camera was positioned behind him, showing only the back of the deejay, who blurted out, “Hey bloodc**lt gyal weh yuh deh.” The deejay, whose vocals were also heard in the background, kept hitting the door, but the video concluded without anyone answering.

In the caption, the Journey artiste wrote, “when u send har money n she stop answer e phone😅.”

Watch the video of 450 below:


The short clip quickly drew the attention of IG users, amassing more than 5000 likes since it was shared Saturday morning. Fans flooded the post with comments such as, “Yuh tun comedian…. nobody caaaa ramp wid yuh so,” “Hey gal open the door fi e boss,” and “Lol she f**k up mi fada.”

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