4YO Girl Decapitated in Trinidad

A four-year-old girl was found deceased in her home in Trinidad, with reports indicating a violent and tragic end. The incident occurred in the Arouca area, early Tuesday morning. A 39-year-old male individual is in custody in connection with this case.

According to reports, a woman informed the police that she was assaulted by an acquaintance who then abducted her daughter, subsequently identified as Amarah Lallitte.


When law enforcement arrived at the scene, they discovered a scene of extreme violence, with the young child’s remains found separated in different rooms. Two knives were retrieved from the location, suggesting the nature of the violence inflicted.

Senior Superintendent Richard Smith conveyed the profound impact of this event on the police force, emphasizing the emotional toll on officers who were brought to tears by the scene.

He stated, “To say the very least at this moment it is something heinous. It’s quite a serious incident and quite unfortunate. Some of our officers today were reduced to tears upon arriving at the scene…”

He continued, “They may need counselling later from the victim and support unit if I’m being honest, because they were deeply affected. But that being said…I want to say now that it is something that we are seeing too much at this time.”

He concluded by saying, “So much violence in society… what can a four-year-old child do to you? What could trigger you so badly that you reached this stage? I am at a loss for words,” Smith said.

The suspect is believed to be suffering from mental illness.

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