5 People Killed In Bizarre Japan Airplane Accident – Watch Report

Tuesday, January 2, 2024, 8:19 AM

A day after being rattled by a 7.5/6 magnitude earthquake, Japan was struck by another disaster. Reports are that a passenger plane with about 379 people onboard collided with a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft early Tuesday.

As per reports, the Coast Guard plane was in the process of heading to Niigata to deliver relief goods to people who had been impacted by the massive earthquake that took the lives of at least 48 individuals.


The collision caused a fire scene as shown in released pictures and videos of the deadly incident.

While no fatalities have been reported from the passenger plane, 5 people died who were on the Coast Guard plane.

The airport where the accident took place is said to be a very busy airport.

Learn more from the report below:

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