5 Reliable & Best Transcription Services of 2022

Are you looking for a reliable transcription assistant for your studies, business, or personal purposes? We have analyzed hundreds of transcription services and selected the top 5 with reasonable pricing, excellent online reputation, and on-time delivery.

Best Transcription Services for Business & Education

Creating text analogue versions from source audio or video files is commonly called transcription. As a rule, transcription services create a text version of the results of meetings, conferences, lectures, short films, documentaries, and other things.

The transcription website is also actively used in the information business environment. For example, when transcribing webinars, courses, lessons, video news, interviews, and more. As a result of the work, electronic files or papers for the Internet are obtained and subsequently used for mailings.

Today there are the following types of transcriptions:

  • Detailed. All source material is transmitted very accurately in text format with this transcription.
  • Artistic. This is a transcription in which the meaning of the processed file is conveyed precisely. However, expressions and synonymous words can replace some words and combinations. Also, an expert can use all sorts of artistic techniques to convey feelings, emotions, intonations in a text version.

High-quality transcription is a complex process that requires the person performing it to have special training and professional skills. Sometimes working on a ten-minute recording can take several hours. If you are not ready to waste your time on tedious transcription, entrust this task to the best transcribers.

How to find the perfect assistant? Don’t worry – we’ve done everything for you! This article has collected the top 5 best transcription companies with an excellent online reputation, reasonable prices, timely delivery, and warranties. With them, you can count on a flawless performance.


Transcriber is an online transcription service that provides the most extensive assistance. Here you can order transcripts of podcasts, meetings, interviews, films, press conferences, phone calls, dissertations, lectures, webinars, seminars, and more.

In addition to an extensive collection of services, the company is famous for its honest approach to work. The first thing we want to point out is the transparent and fair pricing system. The company has developed an online calculator to know the project’s price in advance. The platform charges customers per minute of their video or audio content. Thus, no one will charge you an additional payment since the price is fixed automatically and remains unchanged.

The second factor that makes the company the best is the guarantee of 100% confidentiality. The platform states that all employees sign a non-disclosure agreement. Moreover, the owners have developed a strong security system and use good tools that encrypt customer data. Therefore, managers will protect all your files from unauthorized persons.

The third-factor clients value the company the most is its well-coordinated professional transcriptionists. Their transcription team is highly experienced in many areas, including academic, legal, medical, etc. This means that writers can work with any terminology. Also, hiring professional linguists, editors, journalists allows the company to guarantee timely delivery and high quality of papers. If your content is shorter than 1 hour, experts can handle it within one day. At the same time, each project is checked by the editor-in-chief.

What else is unique about Transcriber? Two types of transcription are available here: manual and automatic. By hiring a professional transcriptionist, you can get content that is 99% consistent with your audio recording. You will be dealing with a program based on artificial intelligence with first-class speech recognition tools by ordering automatic transcription. The cost of manual transcription starts at $1.25 per minute. The cost of automatic transcription starts from 25 cents per minute. Regardless of the service you choose, you will get the perfect text – thousands of positive reviews testify to this.


Scribie is a transcription company with a low pricing policy. This financial position is because the platform has existed recently. However, the quality of papers and approach to work is superior to companies with many years of experience. Let’s discuss all the benefits of Scribie one by one.

Let’s start with the shocking pricing policy. The company offers two tariff plans: manual transcription and automatic. Experts ask you to pay $0.80 per minute for the first service. The company asks to pay $0.10 per minute for the second service. Note that the price is fixed, does not change until the completion of the project, and applies only to clean files with American speakers. For other files, additional charges may apply. By choosing automatic transcription, the company guarantees the accuracy of 80-95%; by choosing manual transcription, you will get 99% accuracy.

Another aspect that distinguishes the company from similar ones is the 4-step manual transcription process. The company fully works out the money you paid for manual transcription. They provide high-quality papers through multi-stage work. First, the editor breaks the recording into parts and recreates what was heard into a text file. After decoding the record, the expert proofreads the text and compares the material with the original. Then, time-slots and written material are tracked. Later, the editor checks the quality of the content, corrects spelling errors, and formats the paper.

What else is unique about Scribie? The company provides users with the ability to track progress. If you are worried about the document’s final version, you can download drafts and recommend the expert. The platform also provides free revision services. If you are not satisfied with the accuracy of the paper, the editor will correct the comments free of charge. As you can see, you get a lot of features and an honest approach to work for a small fee.


Rev specializes in converting audio or video to text, creating subtitles, and transcribing foreign recordings. The platform’s main feature is customers’ trust – over 170,000 people collaborated with the company in various fields as of 2021. The company is proud to have worked with CBS, PBS, TCM, Duke University, University of Michigan, Microsoft, Amazon.

Why do many customers choose Rev? First, the company has a transparent pricing policy. Before making a purchase, you can find out the project’s cost. Like the platforms above, Rev provides manual and automatic transcription. The cost of manual transcription is $1.25 per minute. The cost of automatic transcription is 25 cents per minute.

Secondly, they provide timely delivery and security. The company works around the clock, adheres to the deadlines you specify, and in some cases delivers papers earlier than you would like. As for privacy, it is also provided at a high level. Employees use secure tools for work, do not disclose client data, and protect the platform from hacker intrusions.

Thirdly, Rev collaborates with professional transcribers, editors, linguists, and translators. The Rev team consists of 60,000+ native English speakers. This recruiting approach allows the company to handle English-language audio with multiple speakers, different accents, and background noise.

We want to pay special attention to automatic transcription. Yes, it is not as accurate as of the manual transcription. However, automatic transcription is excellent for urgent documents. Artificial intelligence can convert audio to text in minutes. With their web-based editing tools, you can change text without waiting for an editor’s response. Rev has a well-established pricing policy, work, and delivery. Therefore, the platform will become your indispensable assistant.


Temi is an advanced speech recognition software. Simply put, this platform does not collaborate with linguists or professional editors. They created an online tool based on artificial intelligence that can convert speech to text in 5 minutes. More than 10,000 customers find the platform convenient because it combines many additional tools.

Temi allows customers to upload any audio or video file. Therefore, you do not have to format the record to the desired type, reducing decryption time. Similarly, you can save decrypted text files in any format. The platform allows users to export transcripts in MS Word, PDF, SRT, VTT, and more formats.

How about the quality of papers transcribed in Temi? The platform notes that the quality of the text depends on the sound quality. If your recording contains little background noise, a clean speaker, and minimal accents, the accuracy will be 90-95%. Service may reduce accuracy if your recording has intense background noise, crosstalk, and varying accents. Therefore, the accuracy of transcription depends only on you.

Temi’s pricing policy is acceptable. The platform has set a fixed rate of $0.25 per minute. If you plan to use the platform infrequently, the free version will be enough for you, in which you are given 45 minutes of free decryption. An additional feature is the free Temi editor. The tool provides recommendations for improving the text. Therefore, if you use transcription for personal purposes, Temi is an excellent option.


TranscribeMe is a modern audio-to-text transcription company. Whether you work in the medical, legal, technical, educational, or other fields, TranscribeMe is the professional partner for all your transcription needs. In addition to transcription, professional linguists and editors can provide an accurate translation of any video or audio file.

The company has developed both automatic transcription and assembled a team of experts. Professional transcriptionists will come to your aid where the machine cannot cope. Experts guarantee a high-precision and high-quality result. Also, clients note the accuracy of employees – in most documents, there are no grammatical errors or typos.

A feature of the company is the first free service. The company is ready to transcribe the text for free if you are the first to use their platform. Note that the recording should not exceed 10 minutes. Otherwise, you will have to pay. Automatic transcription costs $0.07 per minute. The cost of manual transcription depends on the sound quality – there is no exact fixed rate. Summing up, we would like to note that any of these companies will implement all your requirements and provide excellent results. We only emphasized the advantages of each of them – the choice is yours!

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