5 Vehicles Stolen at Bujus’ Show

March 18, 2019

The police are urging patrons to park their vehicles in the designated car parks or locations when attending events for maximum safety. This press release came on the heels of 5 Cars being stolen and several others being broken into at Buju Banton’s Long walk to freedom concert last Saturday in Kingston at the National Stadium.

The Police were quick to point out that the cars that were stolen and broken into were not parked in the designated car parks which are Heroes Park and the National Stadium.


The Stadium police are currently investigating the matter and asking any one with info on any of these stolen cars to contact contact at 876-946-1831.

On a more lighter note, The Long walk to freedom concert was a success.

In what was Buju Banton’s first performance in 10 years here in Jamaica, fans were in awe throughout the set.

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