Buju’s Son Markus calls him “Coke Head” and Promises to Press Charges

Come to think of it we haven’t actually seen any picture of Buju Banton and his big son Markus Myrie on social media even tho both have been uploading pics consistently since Buju’s release, if one read between the lines we’ll also see that markus is not promoting Buju’s upcoming concert in Kingston and don’t seem to be apart of it. Markus clearly seems hurt or it just could be a hacker posting all this content. While it could be a hacker doing these bad comment Markus is yet to come out and state that was the case. Markus in his statement revealed that Buju got 17 children and more than half the kids were not happy to see him come home.

Markus also seemingly went as far to call Buju Banton a Batty man, a turn that’s not liked by Jamaican males, he said
“Dawg…. how the f**k you fi feel when you find out your father @BujuBanton the man weh sing boom bye bye, a one a d biggest battyman inna Jamaica”

Markus Myrie also went as far to ask trump to take back his father “This man needs to go back to prison and dead in deh @DonaldTrump y pree??? Come fi @Bujuofficial,”.

Was there a physical altercation or what? at the end of his message stating that he will be pressing charges.

See screenshot of posts below.


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