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Selector says the deejay will not be performing the song at the show. Beloved singer, songwriter and also recording artiste Buju Banton has captivated diverse audience for years with an expansive repertoire of dancehall and reggae classics.

Boom Bye Bye is one such song included in his catalogue, which has stirred much controversy since it was released in 1992.

Recorded by a then teenage Banton in 1988, the track denounces homosexuals and delineates violence towards them.

The backlash Banton received from the track was almost enough to silence his career as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights groups lobbied for his ban at several concerts.

The entertainer will make his debut performance on the Long Walk to Freedom Concert on March 16 at the National Stadium in Kingston.

With so many hits, some have been wondering whether he will be performing the song at the concert.

Jamrock Sound principal Hugh ‘Redman’ James told sources that Buju has excluded the song from his scheduled 90 minutes set.

“I am a part of his entourage so I go to all the rehearsals and he doesn’t do that song, Him Nuh rehearse that song, that is the song that kinda shoot him up a bit, so him just bury that.” James said.

James sound system will be catering to fans at the after party which will be held at Mas Camp, adjacent to the concert venue.

He added that he has not received any directives from Banton’s management to exclude the song from the schedule playlist for the party. But he isn’t planning to do so.

James stated that,

“I know better, so I will do better. I am not going to play the song. It will be embarrassing to the artiste. I don’t think no other sound will play the song either. After the concert, come to the after party. It will be buzzing, we’re gonna take the high from the stage show and take it to the after party. Sometimes we plan a set and it doesn’t work out, but I’ll be having the people dem on their feet. Jamrock has been around for a longtime so expect only the best from us.”

James promises a sizzling set and is encouraging all music lovers to attend.

Stone Love, Metro Media, Massive B, Richie Feeling, Swatch International and DJ Fergie are also billed for the after party.

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