50 Cent and Bobby Smurda Openly Criticize Diddy After Watching Cassie Assault Video

Friday, May 17, 2024, 4:23 PM

Hours after footage surfaced online of Diddy assaulting former girlfriend Cassie, 50 Cent and Bobby Shmurda openly criticized the 54-year-old Bad Boy Records label owner. The video, along with other serious allegations, has reignited public scrutiny over Diddy’s past conduct.

Since the video surfaced on Friday, 50 Cent shared multiple posts on social media about the matter, one of such posts has the caption, “The lie detector test has determined this was a lie…. Maury vibes.” Along with the caption is a statement that Diddy recently made, denying the allegations against him.


The G-Unit rapper also shared the viral video, with the caption, “Now I’m sure puffy didn’t do it, he is innocent this proves nothing ! This is what his lawyers are gonna say, God help us all.”


50 Cent, known for his long-standing feud with Diddy, has been particularly vocal. On social media, he mocked Diddy, highlighting the severity of the allegations made by Cassie in her lawsuit.

Cassie accused Diddy of rape, physical abuse, and other forms of misconduct, which allegedly occurred over several years. She also claimed that Diddy forced her to engage in sex acts with other men while he recorded them​.

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Bobby Shmurda also chimed in, criticizing Diddy in light of the new developments. The resurfaced video and the allegations have led to a strong backlash within the hip-hop community, with many artistes and fans expressing their support for Cassie and condemning Diddy’s alleged actions.

“Why will you put your hands on a female bro?” Smurda asks Diddy, in a video that’s now making rounds on X.

On the other hand, more reports related to Diddy state that, “Diddy’s alleged drug mule, Brendan Paul, has accepted a guilty plea deal and will avoid prison time.”

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