58-Year-Old Woman Begs Her Husband To Come Back After He Left Her For Younger Woman

A 58-year-old is pleading to her husband to return home, she has not seen hom since January after he abandoned her to be with another woman. The woman disclosed her heartbreak to The Star, which published both sides of the broken marriage story Wednesday with fictitious names.

The woman who was given the name Daisy said that after 35 years of being together and being married for 7 years, her husband Roy, left her shortly after she nursed him back to good health.


Daisy explained that her husband was in a horrible accident that left him hospitalized with tubes at the University Of The West Indies for many months. Reportedly, Roy was cutting a tree and the limb hit him, which made him fall headway.

Despite the fact that she stood by his side in sickness and in health, her 50-year-old husband changed after he got a new job and started desiring other women. Daisy also claimed that her husband met a woman at work who he told her he impregnated.

“Him seh di girl pregnant for him. Him sit before me, him video chat di girl, him do everything in front me fi di girl, everything! Him hurt my feelings fi dat girl, him discriminate me, tell me bad things, talk bad about me, everything you can think bout,” Daisy said.

Daisy continued by saying her husband , who was not maintaining her, kept rejecting her calls and everything left her feeling “stressed” as she never once thought he could hurt her this way.

 Daisy claimed that because she spoke to her husband about talking to his mistress at home and on a video call in her presence, he got upset and left.

However, when The Star contacted Roy, he gave a different story of what happened between himself and his wife. According to Roy’s side of the story, his wife was constantly nagging him about the woman at work and constantly accusing him of being romantically involved with her. He claimed that his wife got so overbearing he started having the affair with the woman at work.

“Me seh me naah play nuh game, enuh. Mi nah get nuh bad name and nah play nuh game so I did go and play di game. Cah she tell me seh me and di woman outta road deh, so I did go play di game,” Roy claimed.

Roy went on to add that he was content with his decision to leave his wife and, even though she stood by him when he was ill, he emphasized that he also made sacrifices stating, ”A nuff tings me do fi she and har pickney dem before this happen to me,”

Nevertheless, Daisy still wants to repair her marriage, wishing he would come home as she explained that she made a “vow” and prior to everything that happened, they were happy and never left each other’s side.

Roy had shut down the idea of rekindling his relationship with his wife telling the media that he only intended to go back for his clothes but he had no intention of getting back with her because if he did a “death a guh gwaan” and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. 

Lastly, He mentioned that he left her the matrimonial home for her to be comfortable and ok.

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