8-Year-Old Wins Surprise Million Dollar From Digicel

An 8-year-old girl is now the youngest millionaire in Jamaica after she recently received a call from Digicel, letting her know she was selected as a part of the “Mek Wi Rich Togeddah” campaign.

The lucky child is Abri, who is currently in Grade 3, and her mother, Krystal, was very surprised when she found out that her daughter was selected for the million-dollar prize.


According to Krystal, her daughter might have called 142, by mistake when trying on her own to reinstate a mobile plan as she was not aware of the entry.

It was only one day when Abri went to her telling her that she was being called constantly by a 619-5009 number telling her it was Digicel that she discovered what had happened. Even then, the mother of the child said she was quite confused as she did not enter the competition but when she checked the call log she saw that her daughter had mistakenly dialed 142 and entered.

The family was very elated however when it was announced to them by ZJ Sparks who called them letting them know of the million-dollar win.

They described the moment as an “emotional roller coaster”, to the extent of their mixed confused and happy feelings.

According to Krystal, the money came at the right time when Abri was about to go back to school, stating that the first set of things on her list to get is all of her child’s school items to ensure that she is prepared for her studies. Otherwise, the excited mother says she will be investing the rest of the funds in an education fund so that the remainder of her daughter’s schooling can be easily taken care of.

According to chief marketing officer for Digicel Jamaica Nasha-Monique Douglas who spoke to the Jamaica Observer about the matter, Digicel’s “Mek Wi Rich Togeddah” campaign was put in place to help Jamaicans and every week someone is enabled to win big by just entering *142# on your phone, or calling the number directly.


She further stated that so far it has made a big difference in the lives of people. Those who enter can also win prizes such as; Tablets, smartphones, postpaid bill payments, as well as prepaid credit. The announcement of winners takes place each Thursday at 6 pm on Digicel’s Instagram and Facebook.


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