A Jamaican among the Youngest Pilots in the World

August 2, 2018

Marlon Dayes has made Jamaica proud by becoming one of the youngest pilots in the world, even though when he was only 5 years old and decided that he wanted to fly planes he didn’t know he would be able to achieve his goal so early in his goal so early in his life.

Marlon was simply fascinated by the buttons and lights in the cockpit of an aeroplane when was given a chance to see inside the cockpit of the plane after he boarded a flight for the first time he was flying from Jamaica to Miami with his mother and he was so excited. He decided on that day that he wanted to be an airline pilot.


His mother encouraged him and helped him in every way she could until he passed his exam and left home his home town, Buff Bay, Portland a rural community to attend high school in Kingston the biggest city in Jamaica.

After that he school and universities in Florida, USA. He managed to get scholarships and grants, got his degree and started flying at age 19.

Now is 25-years-old and he is a pilot working for Delta Airlines and plans to fly bigger planes that the ones he flies now so he can go to Europe, China and other faraway places.

He remembers his best moment on a flight as he was so nervous for the first time, as his mother was on board the plane he was flying for the first time and he knew how proud she was because she told him.

He wants all young people to believe that they can achieve anything they set out to achieve when they stay focused and determined.



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