A Luxurious Night: 5 Fashion Tips For A Luxury Themed Party

Thursday, April 2, 2020, 2:16 PM GMT-5

Your boss asks everyone to join for a luxury themed party, but you do not have an idea what to wear and how to dress that suits the theme. Plus, you are not quite sure what luxury styles that will fit your budget. You have plenty of dress, shirts, and shoes in your closet, but for you, it’s all useless since those will not fit the theme.

Luxury is an unusual theme for a party. We commonly hear for pajamas, Hollywood, pastel, anime, or casual ideas when someone asks what style of the party we would like. Despite its unpopularity, it still gives us the most gratifying feeling. People should reflect on that and have the guts to experience new things.


If you think that your clothes in your closet have no use because of the party requirement, better re-evaluate your perception. All you need to have is creativity and the following tips, and for sure, you will have a fantastic night.

Look for a Watch with Gold or Silver Colors

A golden or silver watch can be your main fashion statement of the day. Aside from your dress, sandals, or a stylish hat, put some stunning fashion for your wrist. They deserve your attention too. There are classy brands of watches you can shop online that will gratify your needs for the party. One of those is Tissot T-Trend, which offers you a vast collection of chic watches. You can check its online shop and pick a specific watch you will need for the luxury themed party. You can also consider these following suggested chic watches for the party:

The Longines Elegant Collection Automatic Diamonds Ladies Watch

A striking model by Longines that will surely offer you excellent quality and elegant appeal. With its classic aesthetics, the timepiece is perfect for any luxury themed.  The watch boasts itself for its stunning diamond indexed and white mother of pearl dial.

T-Lady Automatic Mother of Pearl Dial Women’s Watch

This timepiece from Tissot is one of the accessories you should have in a luxury themed party because of its classic and elegant appeal. The wristwatch is known for its perfect feminine beauty with a silver stainless steel case, giving you a classy mood.

Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster Mother of Pearl Dial 18kt White Gold Ladies Watch

This luxurious watch from Rolex is initially made for women who are looking for a perfect classy fashion. Its white gold 18kt, which is incorporated with diamonds, gives women a more well-heeled look.

Black and White Outfit

You definitely want to rock the whole night. Well, this is your chance to make it. Black and white outfits are standard in luxury themes. Locate some pair of clothes or dress inside your closet with apparent colors of black and white. The contrasting colors of these two hues will surely give you the most stylish outfit. You can pair it with bracelets and necklaces as your additional luxuries.

Wear High Heels

To all ladies out there, this is the right time to bring yourself some extra boldness and confidence by wearing high heels. You can consider wearing heels with brilliant colors that are eye-catching to leave a mark stating that you are the star of the night.

Look for Floral Pair of Clothes

This may be unusual, but a floral outfit gives a different flavor to the whole luxury show. It makes your appearance look cuter and different from the rest. You can search for a classic floral dress and pair it with a bag with a chic design. Floral is actually one of the trendy outfits these days.

Be More Bold and Confident With a Pixie Hairstyle

Keep your hair in a pixie style for the whole night of the party. This will give you a more classic feel. This iconic hairstyle can be your main fashion statement and helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd. This elegant style gives you Mia Farrow, and Audrey Hepburn feels.


Since you already know the ready-to-go tips for a luxury themed party, all you need now is confidence. As they say, your most ideal outfit is your confidence. With that outfit, you can own the entire night show. Thus, chin up, breast out, and escort yourself on the red carpet.


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