Accused Gives Details of Attempted Rape Charges – Watch Video

Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 9:46 AM

A video surfaced on the internet of a man explaining in detail the reason why he was locked up.

The man was asked by fellow inmates, who were videoing the confession, “what you locked up for blood?” His simple and immediate answer to the question was “attempted rape and two counts of sexual battery”. The other inmate was standing behind the accused at the start of the video.


When asked to move forward with his explanation. The accused stated that he was traversing outside when he entered a building where he had to sign in to get access. He first went to the bathroom then upstairs instead of going back to sign in, his absence at the registration desk likely prompted someone to search for his whereabouts.

He explained, “the bitch came on up there and she’s talking bout “you can’t be in here” and stuff like that.” Instead of quietly returning downstairs with the attendant, he got mad and attacked her. “I ran up on her and grabbed her and threw her to the ground,” he said.

When asked for more in-depth details of the incident, the accused vocalized, and gave visuals by re-acting what he did, “…and then ah, I was standing there choking her, cuz she was pissing me off.”

He claimed that she “pretended” to be passed out sometime during the ordeal, and thinking that she was actually unconscious, he got on top of her and “humped her”. The inmate behind him chimed in and stated, “you just f**ked her,” to which he denied and reiterated that he only humped once.

The accused mentioned that a crowd gathered at the door, and this was when he got off the victim and realized she was only faking a blackout as she also got up and ran for the exit. He ended his recount by saying the police were called to the scene.

It is unknown if the men surrounding the accused were asked by authorities to get a confession, but when the video was ending one of them could be heard saying, “you know we finna f**k you up blood.”

Watch the video Below:

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