Oracabessa High Student Raped on School Grounds

Administrators of Oracabessa High School in St. Mary have launched an investigation into the alleged rape of a female student during school hours and on the school grounds.

According to reports from the Jamaica Observer, a source close to the student’s family disclosed to the news outlet that a male wearing a khaki uniform forced her to inhale a substance after holding a pair of scissors at her neck. The unknown substance caused her to lose consciousness, and she was dragged into the girls’ bathroom. The assailant assaulted her and then left her naked on the bathroom floor. Reports state that the victim called for help, but no one came.


She was eventually found by another student who came to use the bathroom, and after seeing the state that the girl was in, the student raised the alarm. The victim was taken to Port Maria Hospital for treatment, and in photographs shared with the Observer, she can be seen with bruises on her left hand and left thigh. She has since returned home but is suffering from trauma and is unwilling to return to school.

Photograph of victim with bruises on her left.
Image – The Jamaica Observer

The incident was reported to the school’s administrators, and a family representative met with them as well as Principal Donovan Thomas on Tuesday. Thomas told the Observer that it was an unfortunate situation and that there was an ongoing investigation. The principal added that the school had increased its security following the incident.

“Since then, we have increased the level of security. We also always have an active level of security on the compound. We have a main gate, and there is a security post,” Thomas stated.

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