HIV-Positive Woman Says She Was Raped

Saturday, September 10, 2022, 6:35 PM

A 23-year-old woman (from the Middlesex County) came forward and reported that she was raped in her home, and that she is also HIV-positive. The incident took place last Friday and the young woman believes that the current state of her house is the reason for her predicament.

She stated in an interview with The Weekend Star that she was raped at home after her boyfriend removed the windows attached to the house and she speculates that the person was watching and knew when her boyfriend was leaving and thus waited for the appropriate time to strike.


The woman, who will remain unnamed, said that she reported the matter to the police and was taken to the hospital for medication. When explaining what happened subsequently, she declared, “di police dem say dem want the sheet weh mi get rape on and all now mi nuh see dem come for it.”

The story of the rape victim only becomes more tragic as she elucidated that not only did she contract HIV at birth, but she was also diagnosed with a mental illness for which she was taking medication.

The woman whose dream it is to become an educator now lives in poor conditions with her partner after she was abandoned by her family and sent to live on her own when they deemed her unfit to live at the family dwelling because of how she kept the place. She divulged, “I lived in a big yard and dem say I keep up there untidy. Mi nuh really tidy so dem make mi come live by myself.” She also admitted that her boyfriend is not the cleanest person to live with either.

She voiced that she lives in a less than stable house, with only one bedroom, and in addition to being a target of the fiend who raped her, she dreads what will happen to her if Jamaica is blasted by a storm. Stating that she also has a four-year-old daughter to look after, she pleads for help.

“It a leak and water a blow in on us,” she remarked in reference to the house. She begged to receive help in order to fix the zinc and replace her missing windows. Although she professed that she is dejected and burdened by the obstacles that she is facing, she added, “one day mi a go really get outta dis and mi and mi daughter a go alright.”

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