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Though his breakout single ‘Mark X & Axio’ is being labeled a ‘Scammer anthem’, the 22 year old artiste AceGawd said he cares zero, the more they talk about him makes him even more popular.

The music video continues to climb in views on YouTube since its release in December, its now more than half a million views.

“People can label it a scammer anthem if they want to, I don’t pay attention to that. Me reach at this level because a di hard work weh me and my team put in, being in the streets to get our music played out there.” Said Acegawd.

Produced by Maths of Minds Productions, the single describes sexual activities being performed in the brand cars as the deejay raves about his skin bleaching, guard ring, and lavish lifestyle. He predicted its success.

He went on to say,

“Me know it did a go work cause a di Mark X & Axio most yuth want inna the streets. The girls dem love dem suh me know seh it did a guy attract both genders. The song really put me out there and has brought in a lot of money, more shows and I get to meet people in high society with certain powers and radio disc jocks”

The artiste, whose given name is Sadeki McLarthy, AceGawd calls himself ‘the hypest kid in dancehall’ but some Internet users are calling him a Tommy Lee Sparta soundalike. He did not want to name his musical influences.

“ It’s my own style, I’m just doing my own thing,’’he said.

“I am the hypest kid, which means me a come with a game changer with whole heap a vibes to it same way, no lamey lamey. Me a hmgive the listeners something different other the typical dancehall and reggae.”

The Porus High School graduate was raised in Mandeville by his parents and is the youngest of three siblings. He has a discoloured eye because of a detached retina after a car accident in 2014, and said the event encouraged him to pursue his dream. He started recording in 2017 and fuses trap, dancehall and reggae genres.

“Just like how the Town artiste dem put town on the map and MoBay artiste dem do di same fi MoBay, me a di one way sho put Mandeville on the map right now. Me woulda love fi get a Grammy, do a album and just get more streams, international bookings and collaborations, depending on who reaches out,” he added.

His other song includes Closer, Keep On Going & Like We.

Acegawd – Backaz inna MarkX & Axio [Music Video] HD

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