‘Activesphere’ Audi Unveils Its New Luxury Concept Vehicle – Watch Video

Monday, January 30, 2023, 4:40 PM

Audi has never ceased to amaze its car fans, with their vehicles turning heads with every release. This time, Audi left their fans with visuals of the mouth-watering Audi Activesphere. The car is a coupe with a rear that can be converted into a pickup for those carrying large items. Audi did not spare anything, either, because the car is absolutely filled with the latest technology.

The Activesphere is a super muscle car built with 22-inch wheels that add to its off-road capabilities. It comprises a raised ride height, contrasted black cladding around the wheel arches, and an enormous side skirt. It was even equipped with a unique glass grille on the front to make it even more appealing.


The rear end of this beast is equipped with a full-width light bar and a big glass area. The rear window is also able to fold over the roof to transform the sports back into a pickup bed that even has bike holders built into it. It also has two electric motors that facilitate fast charging with 800-volt technology. The 435 HP car has a range of 373 miles on a full battery.

The Activesphere stands at a height of 1.6 metres, while the length of the vehicle is 4.98 metres and the width is 2.07 meters, so this beast of a car is definitely comfortable. The car is not fitted with regular glass rearview mirrors on its see-through doors; instead, Audi used a sleek virtual mirror, which is just a camera taking the place of the mirrors on the left and right sides of the vehicle. Audi hinted at the car’s ability to change the colour of its headlights by displaying a green lamp on one side and a sky-blue lamp on the other.

Moving to the interior of the Activesphere, the interior of the car is given a black and red colour scheme, which simply adds to the intensity of the luxury vehicle. The entire driving panel was given the ability to retract while the car is off. By displaying digital content in the users’ field of vision in real-time, the dimensions of the car create the perfect blend between the surrounding and digital realities. The high-end visual headsets that are equipped with the car provide real-time environmental 3D images while displaying interactive elements individually for the passenger and the driver to use.

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The user interface of the car gives it a futuristic feel as there are not any buttons or dials. The user simply focuses their eyes on a specific area, indicating interest in that area, and more information will appear, or they simply perform hand gestures to accomplish what they want. But hold on! Before you start reaching for your wallets, remember that this vehicle is just a concept car, so sadly, you won’t be able to purchase it. However, it is sure that parts of this car will inspire the design of new Audi vehicles in the future.

Watch the video of the New Audi Active Sphere below:

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