Alkaline Drops “Lone Madness” Music Video – Watch Video

Friday, November 4, 2022, 4:15 PM GMT-5

Alkaline has released the music video for Lone Madness, a single he dropped on August 23 that speaks on crime and violence in modern society. The deejay is the sole individual presented in the music video, which features some aspects of nature. Lone Madness, a collaboration of GreyHut Productions and Autobamb Records, begins with the artiste singing at night but gradually changes to day. 

Speaking on the fact that youths are partaking in criminal activities now more than before, he said, “bare juvenile weh nuh stop knock it, police know deh gwaan and him cyah stop it, big Matic dem a walk wid cause panic, people see di road dem d’even badda wan’ walk pon it.”

In the video, which is a little over three minutes long, he touches on several subjects that affect multiple societies. He speaks on the quick wealth attained by individuals who partake in illegal activities, the gang wars, and innocent people who died as collatoral. He also states, “You and I feel say you deh a Iraq, bare long gun open a ground a sitt’n a drop, wan’ skull fi bore, wan’ skull fi crack, some gone underneath, and dem nah come back, and it hurt bad.”

Watch Alkaline’s Lone Madness music video below:

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