Alkaline Looks Forward To “World Domination” With New Single

The ‘Vendetta Boss’ Alkaline has dropped a new banger and as with all his songs, the deejay often drops subliminal messages in them to his fans to let them in on the plans that he has cooked up.

This track is called “World Domination” and as the name suggests it seems as if the deejay is gearing up to fully take over in all aspects as that is the main point of the track.

To start the song, Alkaline rings out the message of hunting for the cash in the introduction then goes on to sing about the “World Domination” he is talking about, and never changing route. As a result of his talks about focusing on the cash, the deejay is stating that there should be no quarrels and eventually everyone will find out who is the truth.

In the first verse of the song, ‘Alka’ warns that nobody on a regular level should dare to want to size up with a superior in the game, further going on to make it known that the “blue-green”, meaning money is the goal and that on the quest every “Pickney” should have manners.

The verse is constructed with sixteen bars and in the second half of the verse, the deejay is making it known that he cannot be terminated because he is filled with determination and because of this, he is also telling his foes not to push war on him as his lifestyle is about the partying and the style whilst he still has the bravery to step dark.

In the second verse of the song, the entertainer expresses that even though he is being watched by the enemy he is not interested in pennying them which led the deejay to skillfully combine the concepts of girls, money and badness into one masterful body of words.

In the second half of the verse, Alkaline turns up the heat by going hard on the vocals, not utilizing much lyrics, just giving a sonically dynamic finish to the song, especially with the fact that he took the tone of the chorus up a notch to make it sound different from the first time he sang it.

Listen to Alkaline’s “World Domination” song below.

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