Vybz Kartel Disses Alkaline And Vloggers Direct Plus Reminds Us Of His Appeal

Tuesday, December 28, 2021, 4:54 PM GMT-5

Someone seemed to have gotten the “Worl Boss” aggravated based on his most recent Instagram stories, as he used those posts to also launch some verbal punches at someone that any Dancehall lover would understand to be the “Vendetta Boss” Alkaline, based on the use of language. It is not the first time that he has done so either and it would be interesting to see if the younger artiste responds to the comments made by the veteran.

The “Gaza” deejay dealt with the situation in two posts, one in which he wrote “All da waste bwoy vlogger deh weh a TRY size up to him little copy cat blind bat Artiste side a giant, history won’t remember them just like how history nuh remember 99% di man dem Ina Bob Marley era so enjoy di moment…It will be fleeting”.

Vybz Kartel then went on to launch another attack on his foes by stating the fact that it has been 11 years since he did the Clarks song, and the world is still repping the brand as if there are no other shoes to pick from.

He also highlighted that people are still bleaching and wearing tattoos like there is no chance of ink finishing. Even though the culture of bleaching was something that existed before the artiste, there is no doubt as to the fact that he sparked a fire in the movement, especially when he made it trendy to have tattoos while doing so.

To emphasize the point that he is trying to prove, it could be seen in the entertainer’s story post where he asked the question as to what new thing his foes have done, which trend have they set, which continent have they controlled, how much giants have they created and how much decades of greatness they have.

Going further, ” Di Teacha’s” Instagram account, said if the entertainer was paying child support his money would be wasted since all of who he is talking about are his sons.

The assumption that who Vybz Kartel is talking about is Alkaline, is strong since the entertainer has in the past called the Vendetta artiste names like “3 blind mice”, and “little blind boy” based on him in the past wearing a contact lens and aiming lyrical shots at “Di Teacha”.

As it relates to the vloggers to whom she might be talking, it has to be either CMR or DMRNEWS since they are the two YouTubers that do videos mostly in support of “Alka” and already one of the above mentioned has dropped a YouTube video addressing Kartel and the situation concerning the comparison of the “Yung Lawd” to him.

In another story post, the account of the deejay made a post about the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC), with text saying “The comet is coming”. This post might have been the catalyst of hope that some ” Gaza” fans need since there has been little saying about Vybz Kartel’s appeal that has now reached the final court.

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