Alkaline Makes Cryptic Posts – See Photos

Dancehall artiste Alkaline is known to leave cryptic messages that often spark speculations. In the deejay’s most recent posts on social media, he shared a photo of a driveway, a white blank image and a very blurry photograph of himself.

No note accompanied the pictures, thereby leaving his supportive fans to uncover the meaning behind them.

A glance at nature was depicted in the photo showing the driveway, in which an abandoned road stretched ahead and curved beyond trees.

In another photo, the “man himself” was captured in a blurry image, barely showing his facial features as he sported a black ski mask.

Another picture, from July shows a lake with a forest of trees bordering the edge of the lake. The lush scene appeared tranquil, with not even a ripple in the water.

Based on the images, it would appear that the Vendetta Boss is living a secluded life, far away in the countryside.

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