Alkaline “New Rules” Event to be Held at the National Stadium

Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 7:30 PM GMT-5

When Alkaline’s concert series “New Rules” was staged in 2017 at the National Stadium, it attracted tens of thousands in turn out.

The deejay had not been on a major stage in Jamaica since then, in the last three years is local appearances have been few and far.

But on April 25, the second staging of “New Rules” will return to the same venue and he might deliver another ground-breaking performance.

“Alkaline is looking forward to performing for his fans. It’s going to be epic,” his sister said.

Much wasn’t said about which other artistes would be joining the entertainer as supporting performers on the show, she expects the event to offer a brilliant line-up never the less.

“The line-up will be released in the coming weeks, but I can tell you now that it will be diverse so it’s going to be a great show,” she said.

On the weekend, the announcement that the show would be returning to the National Stadium was revealed.

Not at the Police Officers’ Club, as the previous announcement had stated.

She wanted to offer the patrons the best and highest possible level of experience and thought that the National Stadium was the best place to be, she also pointed out that this year’s security will be doubled.

“We will be inside the stadium this time around and so we will be better able to fully secure the area and patrons can expect guaranteed security. We will be working along with the officers to ensure that all perimeters are secured as our patrons’ safety is our number one priority.” She also said.

Speaking about the stampede that occurred at the last show, Beckford says that added to the security that is being provided by officers from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, private security firms have been contracted as well.

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