Alkaline Releases “The Ripple EFFX”

Friday, December 9, 2022, 11:37 AM GMT-5

Prominent Dancehall artiste Alkaline has released his 6-track EP, The Ripple EFFX, to close out 2022. The project, according to his sister and manager, Kereena Beckford, is said to “demonstrate his creativity, growth, and unforgettable presence as a lyricist.”

The Ripple EFFX is executively produced by Beckford, who added that the mini album is “guaranteed to secure all the accolades attributed to his debut project [and] even more.” There are also collaborative efforts from Autobamb Records, Studio Vibes, Samuel Conturo, Esron Spielberg, and Clap Seven Records.


The tracklist for the EP consists of Brawlin, Espn, Deven Affi Try, Energy, Cuttn Table, and Best. All six songs debuted on YouTube hours ago, with Brawlin possessing the highest number of views at over 50k.

As the name suggests, Brawlin (produced by Clap Seven Recordscarries a grimy vibe as the artiste sings blatantly about killing “any boy, any guy, any target.” While Espn (produced by Samuel Conturo and Autobamb Records) talks about the entertainer balling, Deven Affi Try (produced by Studio Vybz Entertainment and Autobamb Records) highlights his style and talent.

Cuttn Table (produced by Esron Spielberg and Autobamb Records) is a song for the ladies, while Energy (produced by Samuel Conturo and Autobamb Records) and Best (produced by Studio Vybz Entertainment and Autobamb Records) talk about living life to the fullest.

It was also reported that the project aimed to capture the essence of 2022, which has been a successful year for the Vendetta deejay. Earlier this year, Alkaline was identified by Spotify as the most streamed musician on the island when the streaming platform celebrated its first anniversary in Jamaica.

Additionally, his eagerly awaited New Rules festival came to Kingston, Jamaica, in July and was very well received. The artiste also made international news when four songs from his catalogue were selected by Givenchy’s creative director Matthew M. William to be played during Givenchy’s SS23 men’s showcase in Paris, France. 

Tomorrow (December 10), The Lone Madness deejay will be at Mavado’s birthday celebration, which will take place at Club Amazura in Queens, New York.

Listen to Alkaline’s song Brawlin from the EP below:

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