Alkaline Returns with “Sell Off” song

September 21, 2021

Dancehall star Alkaline drops the first single since the release of his album “Top Prize” four months ago. The track is titled “Sell Off”, it’s already accepted by dancehall fans and is being labelled as a banger.

Released less than a day ago, the witty track has racked up over 250k views on youtube and is currently number three on the trending chart. In this new release, the Vendetta Boss talks about his flashy lifestyle, fantastic music “Unuh gwaan like seh the music nuh nice” and even went as far as to ask the government to give him the island to “run”.


Fans are also labelling the song as a diss towards Skillibeng by making a slang song similar to the ones Skillibeng is currently making. It’s also a song with not many lyrics as the St. Thomas artiste usually does.

One fan commented, “Its the fact most of you misunderstand the depth to this song not only is this song a mockery to skillibeng’s talent or should i say the lack thereof but alkaline has lowered his intellectuallity to unpredictably give us a comical insight of how skillibeng is now veiwed by everybody …look at this..this man is a legend and its the fact that he actually mimicked skillibeng so intellectually but kn a way that only if you are full minded you will understand loveeeeeee iiiiittttt.”

Another fan stated, “This is not even just ah diss to Skillibeng but a Diss to Dancehall, is like this is what we singing now and getting big where the seriousness in dancehall.”

SOME LYRICS “That sell-off Check out ma swag yuh know when mi a win… That sell-off… yuh know the ting”

Listen to the full song below.



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