American Man Deceives Jamaican Woman With This Promise

A 23-year-old woman recently wrote a letter seeking advice from Tell Me Pastor about the problem she is having after getting involved with an American man who she said made false promises to have sex with her.

The woman, who only disclosed her initials S.B, explained that an American had travelled to Jamaica to conduct some business when he met her. After they met, he professed his love for her but she told him he was too old for her and that “his people would not accept” her.

He was 50-year-old, but he assured her not to worry about that and said all that mattered was that he loved her. However, he told her that he was married and have four children, but he would finalize the divorce when he returned to America and then he would come back and marry her.

The writer expressed that she felt it was too good to be true. Nevertheless, she broke up with the boyfriend she had before meeting the foreigner. Additionally, she took the caucasian to meet her mother, who had a long discussion with him, and he subsequently took the writer on a tour around Jamaica.

The writer also noted that she was not allowed to answer his phone and if his wife or children called, she would remain quiet.

Afterwards, he returned to America and she admitted she didn’t want him to leave. Things first went downhill following his departure because she was unable to contact him. It wasn’t until after two weeks he finally contacted her saying he “was working on his plans”.

While talking to him, the writer mentioned that she didn’t have any money and he reportedly sent her $17,000. Wanting more funds, she lied to him about being pregnant, which was after two months.

According to the letter, he told her to have an abortion and asked her the cost for the procedure which was when she told him $100,000. However, he said “that was too much money”, and, once again she couldn’t contact him afterwards.

“I tried to call, but his number rang without an answer,” she wrote and added that she was grateful she wasn’t pregnant.

Sometime after, he called her to inform her that he and his wife were back together and he would never forget her. The writer said that he told her she was the first black woman he was in a relationship with and when he travelled back to the island he would visit her.

The writer went on to detail her current issue being that her boyfriend, who she got back with, frequently brings up the fact that she broke up with him for a “whitey”. She expressed that she is confused about what to do and begged for advice.

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