Teen Says She’s Tired Of Having Car Sex

A 19-year-old confessed to having an issue with her boyfriend who only wanted to have sex in his car and not inside his parents’ home even though he has his own room.

The 19-year-old wrote to Tell Me Pastor, explaining that her boyfriend lives with his parents, who aren’t watchful of what he does. While she has been in his room, he still insists on them leaving the house to have sex. In the writer’s description, he would make them leave and park at a spot that he believes is secluded enough for them to have sex. Most times they would go to their “famous spot” to do the deed.

After questioning her boyfriend about why he only wants them to make love in his car, he explained that he couldn’t do it at home because he respected his parents, and if they were married it would be a different case. She pointed out that his parents know about their relationship, and also that his car is uncomfortable because she couldn’t stretch her legs.

The girl went on to detail a time when her boyfriend took her home and had sex with her just a few feet from her gate. She wasn’t concerned about being seen since the rain was falling heavily.

She continued her letter by professing her deep love for him but noted that he wasn’t ready to marry her.

Not wanting to continue with the car sex, she told him she wanted to stop and suggested going to a small hotel to spend time together. However, he rejected this suggestion saying he was too well known, and he didn’t want to take her somewhere “so many men go with their women”. Her suggestion led to him asking her if she went to such places before, and the writer admitted to lying that she never went. She explained that she didn’t want him to know she went there several times with her previous boyfriend.

Making another attempt to change his mind, the writer suggested using some of the money she received from her partner draw to pay for a weekend getaway at a nice hotel. However, he still rejected that idea and told her to save the money to pay down on a place of their own. While she couldn’t argue with his reasoning, she told him she was tired of having sex in the car.

Subsequently, she asked Pastor for advice on her predicament and she requested a face-to-face consultation with them both because she didn’t want to lose him.

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