Arrests Made For The Murder of Pop Smoke

Friday, July 10, 2020, 12:01 PM GMT-5

Police arrests were made in relation to the murder of late Brooklyn rapper, Pop Smoke. The then 20year old rapper was attacked in Hollywood Hills where he was staying in a rented home.

According to the news, four gunmen who were masked up invaded the house to carry out a robbery which led to Pop smoke being shot and killed.


Initially, it was said that 5 arrests were made while the most recent news has released the name of the suspects and the charges slapped on them.

After the multiple search warrants and arrests, 3 men accused of having involvement in an LA gang were charged, 2 were booked for murder and 1 for attempted murder.

pop smoke

Charged for murder is 19-year-old Corey Walker and 18-year-old Keandre Rogers while Jaquan Murphy was charged for attempted murder. According to the news reports, the two men who were given murder charges with bail 1 million dollars each.

The same men were also accused of September 14, 2019, murder of Kamryn Stone who was killed in a Parking lot in Pasadena.

Pop Smoke was known for the songs “Dior” and “many men” was relatively new to the industry when his life got taken.

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