Aunty Donna Takes Center Stage On May 14 With Oliver Samuels

Sunday, May 2, 2021, 11:34 PM GMT-5

Popular Social media sensation Aunty Donna will be making her debut theatre appearance alongside veteran Oliver Samuels, in a play being produced by “Whirlwind Productions” entitled “Bangarang Inna Aunty Donna House“.

The play is set for May 14, and according to Michael Dawson the CEO of the theatre company it will be a treat to have Aunty Donna on set, especially with Oliver who has always had the biggest shows on Mother’s Day.


He also stated that even though the global pandemic, impacted the theatre industry they did some innovation and emerged by way of hosting their events on streaming platforms, starting with Delcita’s ” Father Says Best” which led to over 10 more productions being hosted that way.

So far “Whirlwind Productions” have launched “Garvey Tv” as a streaming platform for the Pan-African fans, and have also started to work on an entertainment platform by the name of “MECA Tv”

At this point according to Dawson, their content can be viewed on website on the various television and mobile apps available.

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