Baby Born With 4 Hands And 4 Legs

A newborn infant with 4 hands and 4 legs, is being called a miracle by its parents and a god by others. The child was born on Saturday, July 2, in Hardoi city, Uttar Pradesh, India, weighing 6.5 pounds.

Doctors treating the baby and its mother, Kareena, at Shahabad Community Health Centre, have said that aside from the two extra pairs of appendages attached to the baby’s stomach, the infant and its mother are currently in good health.


There are members of the Hindu community who think the baby may be a reincarnation of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fertility, power and prosperity, but according to reports, the newborn is affected by a condition known as Polymelia which is a congenital disorder causing additional unusable limbs.

The cause of the condition may be due to external factors such as exposure to infectious agents and chemicals during pregnancy, or genetic factors such as cases of conjoined twins, where one twin’s development fails in the womb but their shrunken limbs remain attached to the other fetus. Treatment for Polymelia usually requires surgery to detach the false limbs.

The family considers the child’s birth a miracle and a blessing from the gods.

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