Body Of Baby Found Downtown

Monday, May 9, 2022, 5:06 PM GMT-5

Downtown was the scene of much sadness on Monday as the body of a newborn baby was discovered in the area.

According to the news report, the body of the child was seen in a garbage bin by a passerby on temple lane who alerted the Police to the sighting.


As it relates to in-depth information relating to the matter, none is currently available to the public, however, based on Loop news’s original publication on the situation, more details will be later released.

Based on a video that the news medium showed in the article, the Police could be seen searching the area the baby was found while a woman could be heard speaking in the background about how wicked the girl who did such a thing is, further noting that there were signs of the placenta remains on the scene which meant she might have pushed out the baby herself.

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